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Mixed-media / 42×63cm, 80×120cm/ 2023

For two months in late 2023, I stayed as a resident artist in Zhujiajiao, Shanghai, China. Adapting to this unfamiliar environment has been immensely challenging as a foreigner with limited Chinese language skills and mediocre English abilities. During the days when I felt intensely isolated, I sought solace in the act of creation.


With only one book from Japan in my possession - psychiatrist Miyagi Naoko's "Can You Love the Wounds?" - I carefully cut out pages discussing loneliness and transformed them into delicate, tiny paper houses. As someone who constantly longs for home, these houses symbolize a safe place.


Projecting my emotions onto Zhujiajiao's quiet cityscape, some of which was shuttered due to the pandemic, I discreetly placed these creations throughout the alleyways and captured photographs to document the work. In doing so, I left behind the hope that others might stumble upon them, even if just briefly, before the wind carried them elsewhere.







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