Remi Tohno (b.1992, Japan)

I believe art is salvation.

Sometimes we feel life is hard.

But we can receive the sense of security, 

the echoes of your invocation and warmth from artwork.


My work centres around themes of emotion and memory, exploring personal and collective anxiety and trauma, aiming to draw between the individual and the universal. Influenced spiritual practices such as Buddhism and Shintoism, as well as Romantic and Abstract Expressionist art traditions which adopt simplicity and minimalist expression. 

I am interested in the process of conceptual art and its relationship to the spiritual. The work endeavours to create a void and space where the viewer can explore the work's quintessence in relation to their own emotions and experiences. Here the work can be experienced as meditative and therapeutic. 


I work with a variety of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional processes, often using photography and text. The result is often presented as an installation, this involves playing with the space and allowing the viewer to be immersed in the work. 



2019-2021   BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture and Environmental Art from The Glasgow School of Art

2017-2018   International Foundation Programme from The Glasgow School of Art

2012-2015   Fine Art from JOSHIBI College of Art and Design


Exhibitions (Group)

2021    Glasgow Open House Arts Festival TV dinner, Online

2021    The Alternative Degree Show Festival, RogArt Street Campus, Glasgow, Scotland


2020    Inevitable Mash, Studio Pavilion, Glasgow, Scotland

2019    Mewantemooseicday 2019, Tax Hall off George Square, Glasgow, Scotland

2019    Senlis sacred art Festival, Senlis, France

2018    International Foundation Programme Exhibition, Haldane Building, Glasgow, Scotland

2017    International Foundation Programme Exhibition, Haldane Building, Glasgow, Scotland

2015    The Degree show, JOSHIBI College of Art and Design, Tokyo, Japan




The View from the Window: Leading workshop, making publication from drawings and artist talk, working with ReConnect Artists from Project Ability, Glasgow Scotland


The Wee Days: Ongoing Project on Instagram, low-resolution snapshots taken on a disposable camera, reflecting on life in Glasgow and Japan 


The Archive of Happiness: Participatory artwork asking people to take photographs of happiness with a disposable camera, later formed into an installation




The View from the Window, Project Ability Blog Glasgow, Scotland



GSA & Re-Connect Nature Project, Project Ability Blog Glasgow, Scotland

April publication, The Student Gallery