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Archive of Happiness 

Mixed-media / 145.5×145.5 cm / 2015

This is an installation of unprocessed film, which I asked volunteers to take photographs of happiness in their life with disposable cameras I handed out. The reason why these films were not developed was to reserve fragile memories of happiness. It is a poetic approach:

The happiness they have taken sealed up in the film cartridge is conserved as long as they are not developed: memories of the happiness stays alive and never becomes the past. They can be the salvation of this unstable and unsettled world, in which we experience unreasonable emotions.   


Each film cartridge contains unregulated features of happiness. The work's reality (the memory of happiness) is unable to be seen and discovered in the empty inside space, which is the sealed film cartridges. The cartridges themselves as the physicality of the work advocates for understanding the hidden reality that could help each personal narrative of happiness be shareable and universal. 

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