Inkjet print / 29.7×42.0 cm / 2014

This work is themed on the Great East Japan Earthquake at 11 March 2011 and using the method called decalcomania which is one of the Surrealism techniques. This method has also been known as Rorschach test. The acrylic paint is the most well known material, however, I have used ink-jet print instead.

Since the outcome being affected by chance and the original picture results in a different image, this method critically challenges the main feature of photography - duplicable. Therefore, ink-jet decalcomania has the opposite appeal to the mass-productive photographs used for newspaper or mass-media.

I have realised that many rumours and uncertain information about the Great Earthquake have been spread, and delivered to the people, who live far from the place, just like myself in Tokyo. Since a photograph can be taken by anybody with mobile devices and digital cameras, a photograph is no longer a settle information source, which always delivers 'the fact'. However, photographs still keep replicating thousands of images of uncertain information. Meanwhile, decalcomania does not produce replicated images; rather it proposes diverse aspects of 'the fact'.


The process of this work

1: I collected images of the Great East Earthquake via Internet.
2: I made an inkjet print of the image on the paper with no water absorption.
3: I transfer the inkjet print from the paper with no water absorption to the inkjet paper with water absorption (The art of decalcomania).